Saturday, June 21, 2014

Red poppies

I probably have told you already that one of the fondest memories I have of the time I used to live in Macedonia is watching a field covered in red poppies sway in the wind.  Although the field that was visible from our balcony is now a home to new apartment buildings, red poppies were certainly not endangered.  On the contrary, they were everywhere.  And I made sure I took as many pictures of them as I could. 
The last couple of days, I have finally gotten back to normal and found some time to get back to crafting.  I purchased some red paint, specifically for the occasion.  And the paper tags were on sale at the craft store.  So I made tags with red poppies.

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Terri said...

Love, love, love these red poppies. I guess it is because we don't see them often enough here. I remember you telling me about fields of wild poppies near your summer house. Always wanted to see them! Thanks!