Friday, November 22, 2013

Neck ties coin purses

Some time ago I got a sweet deal at the thrift shop by my house: two grocery bags full of ties for only a few dollars.  I couldn't really see how many, or all of the designs that were inside the bags, but I took my chance. I washed them and some of them got distorted, which was even better.  I like imperfect things, the more imperfect, the better.  And last week I ripped them apart and started making little coin purses.    
On a side note, the tomatoes I planted last May, that produced nothing during the hot summer heat, are finally making tomatoes.  These are the little cherry tomatoes.  My favorite.  Like eating candy, pop them in your mouth and squeeze the juice.  Mmmm!!

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A bird in the hand said...

Vesna!! And I saw YOUR lovely article in Sew Somerset. :)