Tuesday, April 09, 2013


A little over a year ago, an apron I made out of an old skirt appeared on the pages of Belle Armoire.  Perhaps it was beginner's luck, but it was enough to encourage me to submit my work to different publications.  Almost every time I've sent something out, it has been accepted and published.  And as it goes with things like this, one is usually asked to share an email, a web, or a blog page, so readers who like to see more of your work can do so.  Without too much hesitation I usually give my blog site (that is this blog).  I don't mind sharing my work, showing off what I've made, what has inspired me etc.
But I've come to realize that my blog is not only about the things I create.  I started blogging to keep in touch with many friends I've made over the years who live around the world.  I read their blogs, they read mine.  This way I don't have to write the same letter a dozen of times.  I often share personal stories, good times and bad times, joys and frustrations.  And it was ok for my friends to read all of that.  But strangers who land on my blog by following a magazine article, shouldn't have to read about what I do with my children, or about my latest vacation, or things that went wrong and I was upset about it and needed to vent.  It's not right, nor it is professional to take innocent magazine readers into all of that.  And also my blog name Becha4779 says nothing at all about my work.  Those who know me, know that Becha is nothing more than my name spelled in cyrilics, followed by my birthday.  Pretty boring, and not very creative.
So because I plan to keep on creating and submitting, I felt it was necessary to create a blog where I can post my creative work only.  That site is Stitch Play and you can visit it here.
This doesn't mean that I won't update this blog.  I will continue to share what I am up to with my kids and family, as well as post about what I am working on. 
See you soon!

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