Friday, April 19, 2013

Keeping busy

I've been quiet, but busy.  And sad, I've been quite sad and avoiding the news.   Even though there is no working TV in our home, news of bombings, explosions, darn politics and debates find their way to my ears.  I mostly listen to NPR, that's how I get the news.  And then once a week a visit to the office at my work lets me hear the TV in the breakroom blasting the news over and over and over.  Maddening!  I really don't have any right words to even begin describing my emotions, even though no one in my family has been directly affected or lost their lives in any of the sad news in the world.  Sadness fills me in for the people directly affected, and for my kids for having to grow in a world that is in such unrest.

So I've been keeping busy with work, the job that pays me every two weeks.  And with craft/hand work that makes me feel good.
Here's what I've been making:

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