Sunday, March 03, 2013

Phoenix International Folk Dance Festival

This weekend Phoenix International Folk Dancers had their big annual festival.  I used to dance with this group every Thursday, and I've not been able to do that in the last few years because of work schedule.  I try to catch up with them any chance I get.

I went alone to the festival, no kids.  A feeling of guilt and excitement kept me company on the drive to the other side of town where the festival was.  There were quite a few people, most of whom I know and can call friends.  A couple from Tucson (photo above) was there.  I love to watch them dance.  They've been dancing for many, many years and now well in their retirement age, they have not given up dancing.  It's what keeps them young.  They are so beautiful together.
My Bulgarian friend Lora was there.  And her husband snapped this photo of us  (below) when the festival was over.

Apart from the familiar sounds and steps of Eastern European music, a Phillipino dance group performed for us. These pretty girls moved like flowers in the wind.  I enjoyed watching their dance mastery when they performed a dance holding a glass full of liquid on top of their head and one in each hand. (Nothing spilled, wow!!!)

The spectators got a special treat when a local zumba teacher (his name escapes me at the moment) showed up and performed a flamenco dance.

I had a great time.  And I am secretly excited now that this week I don't work late and will head over to the Irish Cultural Center on Tuesday night to catch up again with Phoenix International Folk Dancers.

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