Sunday, August 19, 2012

Disappointed amateur mechanic

That was me today, a disappointed amateur mechanic.  My car has been sitting on my driveway for the last two months.  It was overheating at first.  When that problem disappeared on its own, one day I noticed bunch of wire looking stuff hanging from the bottom of my car near the front passenger tire.  I thought I picked up something during driving, but it didn't take long to discover that it was my serpentine belt.  My car died as I parked one night coming home from work. That was two months ago.  Since then my car hasn't moved, my battery dead, unable to recharge itself without the missing belt.

My dad usually comes to my rescue in situations like this one, but this time for various reasons it hasn't worked out that way.  After trying to get a schedule worked out with one of my neighbors who offered to help, today we got the belt on with the help of my other neighbor.  I had oil and grease under my nails when it was all done.  I felt good!!!  I left to go to work using my husband's car, while the battery was plugged in and charging on my car.  I was happy, I was looking forward to having my own car again. 
But all that was short lived.  My husband informed me that he tried to start the car while I was at work and it was smoking.

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