Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scrap, stitch and solder

Note to self: 'do not take an online course that involves more than reading and writing.  And whatever you do, don't  take a computer course online.'

So my Photoshop class that I am taking is not going too well for me.  I am getting OK grades on the assignments etc. but this is really not what I am made off.  Give me something tangible, a sewing machine, fabric, paper, solder, glass and other scrap and stuff that you can touch and feel.  All this talk about clicking buttons here and there and everywhere.  And did I click the right buttons?????  I don't even know if I did it right or not until I get my assignment graded. I am beginning to feel the frustration my dad has when he is trying to fill an online job application. 

On the bright side, soldering is fun even though I probably get moments where I am equally frustrated with it as I am with Photoshop.  But somehow it's keeping my interest more than the computer stuff.  And here is a giveaway, you get to receive a gift as a part of my learning to solder process.
I've been using a deck of cards to practice making some charms.  These are not the best I warn you, but you are welcome to have a charm.
I'd like for you to leave me a comment, say anything you want.  I would also highly appreciate if you follow my blog.  And then off course give me your address so I can mail you a charm.  For your privacy please email me your address to my personal email:

Enjoy, here are some samples.


Jeree said...

Vesna, One of these days we need to get together and craft!!! I love your stuff. You have great imagination. I too like the hands on tangible items, but give Photoshop another chance. As you get into it more you will find all the wonderful things you can do and your imagination will soar!!

Vesna said...

I am giving it my best Jeree. My husband is a whiz at it, and I think my below basic knowledge of it drives him crazy. He does help me when I ask, but he also said he doesn't want to hold my hand because I won't learn. Arghh frustrating. I'd love to get together and craft. That would be some good times and fun. I think I already have your address. But email me anyway, I will send you a charm. :-)

Anonymous said...

Vesna these are lovely! I hope that you are bringing some of these to the crafter event in August? :) Look forward to seeing you next month - kim

Ann W. Omaha said...

Vesna I love these pendants. I"d like the black club with queen