Saturday, July 21, 2012

An afternoon in the back yard

I could have gone to a park, or the water park, or the neighborhood pool, but I always feel like all this going to places stuff can't compare to the time that can be spent in our own home, in our own back yard.  My husband is more the 'going to places guy'.  I could be just as happy hanging out in my house, my yard or as of lately the workshop we have in the back yard.
So today while I was cutting some glass (well yes for soldering off course) in the workshop, I filled up the kiddy pool, the water table and got some misters going for the kids to play.  This way they can be entertained, while I get some crafty work done.  I kept watching them through the workshop window, to make sure they are OK.  Not that I couldn't hear them, they are sooo loud.

And off course they wanted to tend to my garden, so we watered the plants too.  They are doing so well.  Check it out:


Chocolate Mint

Watermelon -already crawling out of the garden box

 Basil - I never thought I'd be able to grow it, but it's doing so well I am putting it in everything.  Try swiss and feta with basil as a panini sandwich.  Yum.

Heirloom tomatoes, getting big and hopefully red soon.

Zuccini the big leafed plant, and the crawling leaves in the back is the cucumber.

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