Monday, January 26, 2015


Before we headed back home from our Legoland trip we stopped at Balboa park.  One can spend days hopping from one museum to another.  But with kids, we only visited two.  The Museum of Man and the Railroad Museum.  Patrick likes trains, most kids do I think.  And....a nice surprise, there is a lego room with lego trains at the Railroad museum.

And you can't skip the rose garden if you are at Balboa.  So we had to stop, and smell the roses.

This fountain caught my eye and I took a picture of it.

We saw these huge balboa trees (I think that's what these were).  Their bark was carved with names and love notes as high as people's hands could reach.  A bit sad.

And where it was not touched by humans, age and nature had left its marks.

And last, this beautiful plant called Candelabra tree.  A bit of a monster-looking cactus...

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