Saturday, August 16, 2014

Carving my own stamps

I inquired at a local art store about teaching a class.  I noticed they don't offer an ATC class, but do sell a variety of blank ATCs.  One rule though is that  in your class you cannot use materials not sold at the store.
I use a lot of stamps in my work, because I struggle with drawing.  And they do not sell stamps, but they do sell stamp making materials.  
And here I am giving my hand a try at carving my own stamps.  I used a linocut first, we had an old one sitting around the house.  I cut it down to smaller sizes, and made my first two stamps.
The linocut doesn't take stamp ink, but I did have screenprinting ink laying around.

I present you, blackbird.


And these flowers were inspired by my stitched cards.

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