Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow day in Arizona

It's hard to believe that I have not seen snow falling in almost a decade.  My kids have been asking for snow and we've been trying to catch some snow events in Phoenix.  A snow event is usually a few tons of snow dumped by a truck at a park.  A few weeks ago we heard that there is 'snow fall' every night at a local shopping center.  But we were disappointed to learn firsthand that this falling snow (it was falling for real) was soap suds.
Yesterday we were going to give it another try looking for snow and we went downtown Phoenix at Patriot Square.  We even got trinkets and things to decorate a snowman.  Patrick brought a magician hat, Maggie took her whistle/flute to use it for a nose (we were out of carrots).

Snow we found but not enough for a snow man.  I am not sure how much snow was there earlier in the day, but when we go there there was a little tiny hill of snow with a lot of wet grass and mud around it.  But that didn't matter because there was enough for a snow ball fight.

I think they really enjoyed themselves, because when I asked if they were ready to go home Maggie yelled at me: '5 minutes'

My mom said if I moved back to Nebraska I'd have snow right in my back yard.  But I think I prefer a shovel-free driveway in Arizona for now.


Crazy About Ukraine said...

Wow, Vesna, I had no idea that events like this existed! Pretty cool :) How warm does it usually stay in Arizona in the winter?

Vesna said...

During the day it's anything from mid 50s to mid 70s depending on the day. At night occasionally it will get to freezing temperatures, low 30s. On those nights it's common to see trees and bushes covered with sheets to save them from freezing damage.