Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Good news

I wished there was a bell that could ring when I am having some kind of misadventure in life and remind me that it's not all that bad and good things are on the way.  But because there isn't such a bell, I am writing this to remind myself that good things are coming, even though bad things may be coming too.  So keep your chin up, keep on doing what you are doing, be true, be kind, be enough, talk to your heart, dare greatly and remember that when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it (I borrowed these advices from various people: Brene Brown, Alan Moore, Mr. E, Paulo Coelho, E.F. Schumacher and also some fictional characters)

Do you remember a year or so ago when I had my wearable Valentine Day art work published in Belle Armoire magazine?  Well that encouraged me to submit more of my work.  So in the next month I will have some of my work in Sew Somerset and Somerset Studio Gallery (both available Dec.1 at Barnes & Nobles, JoAnn's Fabric and other craft stores).  And today I found out that another work that I submitted to GreenCraft magazine was also selected and it will be in their next issue that comes out in February.  So see....good things are coming (even though I just had a streak of misfortunes in the last three weeks, but they are now behind: car broke again, water heater exploded and flooded my house, my husband lost his job).

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